Red Room Deep Web Complete Guide (Links/How to access)

If your last Google search was anywhere near the “Red room” or “Red room deep web”, you’ve landed on the right runway. Red room is supposed to be a “myth”, and “urban legend”, and everyone who hasn’t themselves been on the Red room deep web will tell you so.

Although, contrary to popular belief, let me tell you they exist! (We’ve provided links as well as step-by-step guide on joining the same as well!) also will providing you every small and bing points about the Red Room on the deep web.

My humble request to you, If you are beginner on the red room than without direct visit on the red room, please read all below given points, because these points can give you complete idea about the red room, what you can find on the red room, how you can make safe on the red room and etc.

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What is the Red Room Deep Web?

I will put it as simply as possible. “A live video streaming website on the TOR hidden network (deep web), which streams live violence, rape, murder, and other such kinds of ‘negative’ videos for the entertainment of others”.

It’s not a free service, instead of a highly expensive one, and at times also lets the users type in “commands” or “Suggestions” for the protagonist to play out for them.

NordVPN 2

So in other words, we can call it an exclusive video portal for anything and everything which you won’t find on the clearnet, specifically violence and pain inflicting live videos.

The name is believed to be a pun to the word “Redrum” (that’s what it sounds like when you say the word Red Room), which if spelled backwards spells “Murder”!

Red Room is such type sites which deliver streaming live shows, these live shows have mind disturbing contents like as previously define Murder, rape, tortures, snuff and so on, here site admin sale shows access in very high Bitcoin price. These access plans have specific on demand features, like as client can request for any type actions like slapping, cutting any body part or anything else.

When I tried to explore these type site then I saw they charge more than 0.5 BTC(Approx $1500$) for single candidate access. Now I think, you are aware of the red room deep web. Now Lets go ahead!

You are highly interested to know really is red room available on the deep web and want to get access by bitcoins, but dont have any bitcoins in your Bitcoins wallets and looking place where you can buy Bitcoins or any other crypto coins then below listed some links can provide you all step by step guide to you.

What is Available on the Red Room Deep Web?

Broadly, the Red Room can be classified as a “Video portal”. So you can expect all and any kind of videos out there which are related to inflicting pain on others.

It’s like the “more advanced”, “real-time” deep web market for criminally intentioned videos.

1). Child Pornography

It deserves a special mention because most normal-minded people wouldn’t go for it, and that’s the reason why Child Pornographic material is also banned from most deep web markets!

So where do you find a video which isn’t even available on the deep web? The Red Room!

Child Pornography may include:

  • Torture: Physically harming the child, and taking sadistic pleasures from their pain.
  • Rape: Sexually assaulting the child, regardless of their gender.
  • Non-activity: It’s a special kind of pornography where nothing is actually done with or to the child, the victim is just tied to a bed or chair, generally without clothes and a camera streams that to the audience.

2). Murder

As the myth goes, you can either watch a random guy killing a random guy, or you can pay the administrators a specific amount to kill or torture a specific person.

The act is then streamed on the Red Room, and it’s believed that the killer takes orders from you regarding which steps to perform next.

You can also choose from “categories” such as “slow death”, “neck-slicing” and all other unthinkable methods of killing a person.

3). Rape

As if Child Pornography and Murder weren’t enough “Rape” seems to be an available “commodity” as well as “in-demand” service over the Red room deep web as well.

Rape on the Red room isn’t gender specific, both a man as well as a woman can be victimized and video-recorded for the viewer’s entertainment.

Again the rape has different categorizes as well, as you can well imagine ways to inflict sexual pain to a person, almost everything going through your brains right now is said to be possible and available on the Red room.

4). General Torture

It’s not so that only crimes that have been “categorised” can be streamed on Red room, there are videos of general torture as well.

For e.g. pulling off the nails, slicing the tongue, scooping out eyes, basically anything and everything which falls under the “extremely painful” category.

5). Chat

Some Red rooms also facilitate a “chat” option. Meaning in case you’re not interested in the videos, you can connect to “like-minded” people over there without revealing your identity.

Considering it’s extremely hard finding such “like-minded” people in the real-world on your own, it serves as a social network for people who fall under the various “sadistic” categories.

There are various packages and plans which separate the “video-watchers” from the “chat-users” and so on, the pricing plans differ as well for different uses.

For anonymous chat servers, you may visit active Tor Chat Rooms Link

How to Join the Red Room Deep Web?

You might have guessed, the Red Room isn’t something that you can just browse over the normal Internet as you know it.

It’s exclusively available on the “Deep web” and can be accessed with the help of TOR browser only. TOR is an anonymous browser designed to keep your activities private and anonymous.

It’s mostly used to access the deep web, and that’s wherein lies the Red room as well. Obviously, you wouldn’t want people to check your history and stumbleupon your activities if you’re into this kind of stuff, right?

Also, TOR makes your IP address untraceable, although using a VPN while browsing the Red Room deep web is advised for an extra layer of security. For better security or anonymity must use NordVPN (Onion Over VPN server).

NordVPN offers no log policy, also have dedicated onion server that migrated your all internet traffic from tor nodes. Nord VPN servers are available in more than 60+ countries and 3600+ active IPs. If you are interested to get your premium plan then you may save 72% money on 2-year subscription, only $11.95/Month ($3.49/Month).

Note: If you are a beginner on the deep web and dont know how to access the deep web then you need to check out below-given step by step guide, There I define every small or big point that can help you to set up your secure deep web access network also how you can access the dark web in Android.

Check Out Here: How to access the deep Web Guide

Anyway once you’ve got the TOR browser, use any of the links provided in the introduction section to land on a Red room.

Also, note that the steps might slightly vary depending on the exact platform, but here’s an overview:

The below screenshot is an example of what you might expect on any of the Red room deep web home pages. There may or may not be the “join” button at all the Red rooms, anyway I’ll click on the Join for now to take you to the next step.

On the next page, I’m shown the different “plans” so as to say, for e.g. there’s the “spectator” plan which let’s me just “watch”, or there’s a more expensive “Commander” plan which let’s me command the person in the video with what to do next.

So I click on the Spectator option just for the sake of this article, and the next page that pops up is the “Payments” page. I’m shown a Bitcoin address, and the exact amount I need to pay.

Once the payment is done, we’re granted access to the Red room deep web and can proceed from there.

Basically, every other Red room platform has a Bitcoin address listed on its homepage, and you need to make a payment to the address and wait for further instructions.

Red Room Deep Web Pricing Plans and Payment Methods

Red Rooms only accept Bitcoin as the mode of payment. That is so for the obvious fact of Bitcoins being the leading crypto-currency in the market, and that they’re untraceable.

So you can make payments without risking your identity or privacy, and at the same time, the administrators at the Red rooms can accept payments without being worried about law enforcement problems.

The Packages differ based on the individual platforms, some platforms have a single package for everyone, while others as shown in the above steps might have different packages with different access-levels.

Is Accessing Red Room Deep Web Illegal?

Totally! Yes.

“Paying” to witness a crime is the definition of “illegal”. That’s the reason it’s on the “deep web” and using the TOR browser along with a VPN is advised to be on the safe side.

Note that if you do not take the security measures, or even if you do and are caught, you’ll be charged as “accessory to the crime” because of the fact that not only you “didn’t” report the crime, you encouraged its proceedings.

Why is the Red Room considered Non-Existent?

Majority of internet users do not believe in the existence of the Red Rooms, that’s the reason I showed the exact steps to join them in the above section to demystify the myth.

The reason they’re considered “non-existent” is:

  • It’s available only on the “Deep web”, most internet users do not know what that is in the first place, and those who do know, dare not venture into the “deeper” aspects of the deep web such as the Red room deep web.
  • Not everyone can afford Red Rooms.
  • Those who can afford, aren’t teens who would post screenshots on the Internet, they’re serious people and financially well-off and often of high education, hence they know how to keep the Red room deep web a secret.
  • It’s illegal, so obviously no one would post proof and self-incriminate themselves on social media.
  • The people who “like” being in the Red room, aren’t mentally stable, only that strata of people can “enjoy” torture being inflicted on others and “pay” to watch it or control it, so chances are most members do not even have a social profile, or “normal life” as we know it.

Our Take on the Red Room: Disclaimer

Neither me, nor any of my websites or platforms encourage accessing the Red room in any way. It’s just an educational guide to enlighten the visitors on the facts about the Red room.

If you do proceed to Red Rooms and become a member there, note that it will be totally of your own accord, and we are not in any way responsible for your actions there.

Deep Web Links to Access the Red Room

A close real-life example of the red room is the case of Peter Scully, who made a website where people paid five-figures to watch him torture a child.

Although it wasn’t on the TOR network, and was instead streamed on the clearnet, but this is a classic case of exactly what you can expect to witness on the Red Room Deep Web.

for more updated active red room links you may visit my another blog post Red room dark web links

Final Words

So I believe that clarified quite a number of doubts regarding the existence of the Red Rooms, if you feel there’s something we’ve left out, or there’s something you’d like us to add, feel free to let us know.

Also we would love to lend our ears if you’ve past experience with Red room deep web, or know someone who does.

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