How to Access the Deep Web Complete Guide

If you’re on this page, you’re here hunting for ways and methods for how to access the deep web? Aren’t you?

Luckily for you, we’ve dedicated nearly half a decade of our lives and a lot of efforts into making this website a solution to exactly those kind of problems.

Although if you’re asking that particular question, then I presume you haven’t ever accessed the Deep web, so I’ll make this guide as detailed and elaborate as possible covering every nook and cranny that the alleys of the deep web hold.

Note: Now exploring the deep web or the darkweb may also count under illegal activities, even if you arent involved in any type of illegal activities. This is why if you want to learn about the deep web, here you can find every bit of information about it. Meaning, you shouldnt go exploring especially if you arent sure of your actions being completely legal. If you use given information for any illegal activity, only you are responsible for your actions.

Table of Content:

What is The Deep Web?

Trust me, whatever you think you know, probably isn’t right. The deep web is one of the most misunderstood terms in the history of the Internet.

No, deep web isn’t that red-eyed monster which attacks governments and kills people as the media portrays it to be.

It’s a just a part of the internet, that’s not indexed, as simple as that. It’s called the deep web because it’s not discoverable on the surface web.

NordVPN 2

So in other words, “the part of the internet which isn’t indexed by conventional search engines (Google/Yahoo/Bing, etc.) is called the Deep web.” (And it’s legal, check out the last section of this guide for further explanation!)

Also note that the internet used by most people comprises of only 5-10% (source: Curiosity) of the actual internet, while the other 90% is dominated by this deeper part of the web we’re talking about.

Unfortunately, it’s quite often confused with the dark web, which is a completely different version of it altogether so let’s clear that up as well.

Difference Between The Deep Web and The Dark Web

Before you learn how to access the deep web, it’s important to learn the very important difference between the deep web and dark web.

The deep web as I said above is just “non-indexed content”, so it may contain databases, user records, your bank details, some employee records, backups, government files (not too confidential maybe, but just not indexed) are all part of the deep web.

Search engines don’t index private or unnecessary information, and whatever’s not indexed comes under the deep web.

Here’s an example of content which can be called deep web content. Any material which is password protected, highly encrypted or just restricted for search engines to index is deep web content, and I hope that’s clear.

One major misconception in today’s world is, the deep web can only be accessed on the Tor network, well that’s not true. As you can see with the above example, you can access it even on your general browsers.

And even on Tor, I2P, Freenet, a significant part of the deep web is actually legal (refer to the last section of this guide on how to access the deep web).

While as for the dark web, it’s a smaller part of the deep web, but it’s what most people refer to when they’re talking of the “big bad part of the internet,” and that’s exactly what the dark web is.

The dark web is basically where all the “bad” stuff actually resides, bad things as in Child Pornography, Darknet Markets which let you buy drugs, weapons, guns, etc., Red rooms which stream live torture, rape, and murder and everything else.

Unlike the deep web, which also exists on the clearnet, the dark web is solely on the “onion network,” an anonymous, decentralized network which can be accessed using the Tor browser.

These are exclusively on the onion network because the network is not govt. controlled or regulated and hence is the perfect place for all those illegal activities that the darkweb holds.

Because the darkweb exists on the onion network, it doesn’t have the typical .com/.net/.org kind of URLs and instead has a .onion extension.

Any and all content on the onion network, with .onion extension, is deep web content. So, the deep web is like the “overall” entity, which has a smaller fraction, a part which is darker and evil and is called the dark web.

Bottomline, all of the dark web is deep web, but not all of the deep web is dark (neither illegal).

Difference Between Darknet Markets and Deep Web

To learn how to access the Deep web, you need to know the difference between Darknet markets and the deep web, so you’re sure of what you’re getting into.

Let me briefly discuss what’s the difference between Darknet markets and the deep web.

We recently did an ultra-detailed post on “darknet markets” as well, but anyway the “darknet market” is the major part of dark web.

Darknet markets are what let you buy/sell illegal goods, download unlawful/pirated software, order hits on people (yes, it’s a real thing), and do everything else which the deep web is accused of.

So, any illegal market on the deep web is darknet, a small part of the deep web that is, while there’s a good and positive side to the rest of the deep web.

Also, darknet markets can only be accessed on the Tor network, and quite often need an “invite code” for you to join them.

While the deep web can’t be “joined” as it’s not a single site or organization, rather many “unindexed webpages” and can be accessed on the clearnet as well, although its significant part to exists on the Tor network.

What Can You Find on The Deep Web?

Apparently, I’ll walk you through the guide on how to access the deep web accurately, but before that, I’m just trying to give you as clear a conception of the “deep web” as possible.

You need to understand that, everything you can find on the “Darkweb” is a part of the deep web, so technically we can say that all the drugs, weapons and credit cards, illegal porn, data dumps, document fraud which can be purchased on the dark web are a part of the deep web.

But, if you’re talking solely, exclusively and uniquely of the “deep web,” in that case, it just consists of data which “isn’t indexed on a search engine”. And this data can be ANYTHING.

For e.g, there may be “whistleblowing sites” which you can use to expose powerful people, there are sites which let you watch legal videos, legal music etc without tracing or tracking you on the deep web as well.

Or there may be attendance records of politicians for the senate which isn’t exactly “confidential” but isn’t available on search engines.

There are blogs which are run by “cults” such as flat-Earthers for an example, now people don’t wish to generally publicly identify themselves as members of those cults, right? And that’s where the deep web helps them.

So basically you can find documents, files, information on the deep web which is hidden from search engines, but isn’t necessarily “super confidential or nuclear codes”.

You should totally check out the “Legal websites on the Deep web” section of this guide to get a better example of what’s available on the deep web.

How to Access The Deep Web Step By Step

Quick process:

  • Install VPN software on your PC, must use NordVPN (Onion over VPN specially dedicated for the deep web)
  • Install Tor Browser Bundle on the computer.
  • Login your NordVPN software with right username or password.
  • Connect your computer to any Onion Over VPN server, If connected then go to next step.
  • Run your Tor Browser, when successfully opened tor Browser then type any onion URL, you can find any category onion urls from site homepage.
  • Done.
  • For detail step by step process and all recommended guidelines. Follow Below given steps:

    You already know when you are surfing on the internet, every website track your IP, They already know who you are? And where you are living?

    If you are accessing the internet by Tor browser + NordVPN software, then no one cant track you and dont know where you belong from? The reason is both programs will create double layer for your privacy, Tor Browser hide your all network traffic by Tor routing and NordVPN will mask your IP address by other country shadow IP address.

    Here I am recommending to you NordVPN VPN Service, it’s one of the best VPN services, that offers Zero log policy, multiple protocol support, unlimited bandwidth, ultra-fast speed server, App and Internet Kill Switch, TCP or UDP protocol Support, Customization DNS support, 61 Country and 3600 Server Support, Also offer server in restriction area, 30 days money return policy and etc.

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    Here’s how to setup the VPN step by step. First of all, download it from the website. Once you get the setup, double-click on it and click on “Run.”

    How to access Deep web

    Then, choose the location where you’d want to install NordVPN and click “Install.”

    How to access Deep web

    Another permissions dialogue box would pop up, just click “run” to grant permission (again).

    The installation process has been done, now login your NordVPN software with a valid Email address or password.

    How to access Deep web

    When you login to NordVPN for the first time, it asks you to optionally enable CybeSec. Its one of Nords newest features which blocks ads, malware, viruses and other such harmful content. You can (and should) enable it, however note its not mandatory and can be skipped (not recommended).

    How to access Deep web

    Anyway, the next screen should look like this. It simply is the primary NordVPN interface.

    How to access Deep web

    Now its time we establish a VPN connection. Here is a detailed Example: Ill be connecting to Greece. The easiest way to do so, is to simply click on Greece either from the country list on the left-sidebar, or click on the map-marker of Greece on the screen. The VPN would then automatically connect to the fastest server from Greece.

    However, if youd like to select a specific server in Greece, you can click on the three dots just next to a countrys name, which would bring up the entire server-list, and you can choose one from the list instead.

    How to access Deep web

    There are various indicators which indicate once your connection is successful. For e.g. your VPN-country will be colored Green, the VPN will display a Connected tab and there may also be a notification on your Taskbar.

    How to access Deep web

    Apart from all this, for maximum and guaranteed security, Id advise you to go to Google and search for What is my IP Address. Make sure the IP address and region being displayed is not of your native/real country and instead is that of the country you selected on the VPN.

    So we’re done with the VPN, let’s get another extremely important privacy tool Tor Browser Bundle.

    Installing Tor is easy enough as well, download the setup &gt, double click &gt, install. No harder than installing any game. Here’s the step by step process.

    Download Tor from the above link, once download click on the setup.

    How to access the Deep web

    Tor browser would then ask you to choose a language for the browser, make your choice.

    How to access the Deep web

    Specify the installation folder for Tor on the next screen.

    How to access the Deep web

    Tor would then be installed in a couple seconds. The next screen would ask you to Run Tor browser and/or Add it to start menu, make your choices and click Finish.

    How to access the Deep web

    This would install tor in your system. When you run Tor, it would ask you to either Connect or Configure. Clicking on Connect is the fastest and simplest way to land on the Deep/Dark web.

    How to access the Deep web

    Once you’ve installed Tor, you need to amp up its security before accessing the deep web, and here’s how to do it.

    Update 20th September, 2019- Tor earlier had a different set of steps required to increase its security, here are the updated steps for the same.

    On the extreme right of the Tor browser, you should notice a Shield icon. Click on it.

    How to access the Deep web

    Then click on Advanced Security Settings.

    How to access the Deep web

    And finally, just choose Safest from the list of options available.

    How to access the Deep web

    Note: Many times users seem to be complaining that they arent able to watch videos when their Tor browser has safest level enabled, In this case, a user needs to reset the setting to Safer or standard. But you can disable safest level when you really do trust the onion site youre about to visit.

    It’s the highest level of security that you can make use of while using Tor, although, for details on these options and learning how to use Tor, you can refer to our detailed Tor guide.

    So armed with the OS + Tor + NordVPN, I bet there’s almost no one, no agency, not even the NSA which can penetrate your encryption and get your real-life identity.

    VPN(Virtual Private Network) + Tor Browser both can make double layer security, which doesnt leave any week security hole.

    Now you also need to focus some quick points before exploring the deep web.

  • Unplug your all external devices like portable Camera, Printer, Smartphone and cover your laptop camera
  • Close all running application at the time of deep web access.
  • First, run NordVPN software before tor browser
  • Must configure NordVPN (Internet Kill Switch, App Kill Switch Setting, invisibility on LAN), all setting should be active, these setting you can find under Settings option in the NordVPN software. like below given screenshot.
  • How to access the Deep web

  • If you are using Windows 10, then first fix Windows 10 privacy problem, for more information must read Windows 10 Privacy Fix.
  • When you are registering your profile on most of the deep web sites then always use fake second identity (Dont use any physical related information)
  • Must use PGP Encrypted email services like or and any other onion email service for more information check out best anonymous email services.
  • If you want to buy anything on the dark web and dont know how to order on the dark web stores, I have another article where I descrive all things about how you can protect you, check out quick review points of article best credit cards black market.
  • So now you’re ready to finally access the deep web!

    How to Make Accessible Onion Link

    After to know how to access the deep web, let me tell you how to get working onion links by red color link string or Bold Link Text.

    But first I want to tell you, why I removed all type deep web links and only leave normal red color text link string because now clearnet site admin also can share any type deep web links on his website, if some one share then that simple means that also involve in dark web activity, even user explore on the deep web without making any deals.

    Thats why I changes all links in red text string.

    If you are not using a VPN service then do not access the deep web, because these days authorities are a lot more aggressive towards such type actions.

    Suppose you want to access Facebook on the darkweb, and Facebooks red color text string is facebookcorewwwi then you can create working link by using this text string.

    Formula for Link Creation:

    http://(Put Red String or Bold Text).onion

    For Example:

    http://facebookcorewwwi.onion # This is a working Onion Link, You can put that link in your Tor Browser.

    Formula 2, If link have big URL:

    Users need to put .onion before the first / and leave remaining URL exactly the same.

    For Example: demo/go/chan/login.php

    then working URL will be http://demo.onion/go/chan/login.php

    Hope this can help you to know how to access the hidden internet place, and method also helping me to remove all links from my website, Now this website dont have any onion or dark web link.

    Note: If someone use given text for any type illegal activity then this is totally user responsibility. we are not hosting any website on the deep web all text are belong from third party source.

    How to Find Deep Web Sites?

    Here again, I believe you wish to access the dark web because as far as the general “deep web” is concerned, you can simply go to any website and access any of its page which is password protected, or not listed on the search engine, and that’s the deep web.

    So to access the deeper part of the deep web termed as Dark web, or the black market websites, first of all make sure you’re connected to your NordVPN with Onion Over VPN Server, double check it, and then fire up Tor browser. Note: You also can connect any other available server ( Anti DDoS, Dedicated IP, Double VPN, P2P). These servers also serving military-grade encryption.

    How to access the Deep web

    Now any URL you enter on the browser’s URL bar with .onion extension is basically a deep web site, but you’ll need those URLs to begin with, right?

    I suppose because you’re reading this piece on how to find the deep websites? Thats why you don’t have any deep web URLs as of now.

    So the best answer to “how to find deep web sites” as well is this deep web sites links directory. Before couple days ago just filter 125+ deep web links these all working since from a long time, that post has all popular categories links.

    We enlisted 24 illegal and forbidden market websites and 30 Best Tor Sites in the directory and the reason why I say it’s the “best” place to start is because unlike the Hidden Wiki which too is a good place, all the links on this directory are up, we tested before listing them while that’s not always the case with the Hidden Wiki.

    The second good place is this site homepage where I listed all popular categories onion links but in some cases, many tor links wont up. But you can access working the deep web links, for links information hit on links directory listing over 100 deep web sites.

    It has links to various categories, and even though not all of them are always online, some of those are.

    There also are deep web search engines! These search engines themselves are on the deep web, and index deep web pages so you can use them as well to find deep web sites.

    You can directly go over there, and type terms such as “drugs” and here’s a glimpse of what they bring up:

    One last desperate place to look for Deep Web links is “ads”! Beware though, quite often they’re full of scam artists and scam websites. But, that is the case with almost all Deep/Dark web links, you can’t ever guarantee legitimacy.

    Anyway, when you’re on other Deep/Dark web sites, for e.g. Search Engines, you may see ads. The following screenshot is from “Torch” search engine.

    How to access the Deep Web

    All of those banners are links to dark websites. Some are selling cards, some are marketplaces, some guide-selling links etc. You sure can click on them and they’ll directly take you to those sites.

    But again, you never know which links to trust and which not to. The only reason it’s being listed here is it still is one of the ways users can find Deep/Dark web links. Even some of the links we find are found similarly, we obviously do not have contact with the Admins / owners of the platforms we post about.

    The official Subreddit for Darknet markets is also one of the options, but the only problem is you don’t know which markets or links to trust, and which are pure scam. Looking all popular deep web subreddit links then visit that link.

    You can also manually ask for the links to such sites on their official subreddits, or any other Reddit related to the deep web, as long as you’ve kept your identity safe and aren’t using your real name.

    Although note Reddit is ripe with scammers. Simply because anyone can post a link to any site offering any kind of service, and scam you for money. It’s best to stay away from clicking on any direct links posted on Reddit.

    So I believe that answers your questions regarding how to access the Deep web and also how to find deep web sites, doesn’t it? Now let’s answer some other related issues.

    Blog posts that you should check for active dark web links:

    How to Find Alternative Links for Dead Deep Web Links?

    As a complete guide on how to access the deep web, I believe this question too should be answered, don’t you?

    Yes, the onion links on the deep web aren’t always live for a lot of reasons, but luckily for us, it’s not that hard finding their alternatives.

    Note: On the, I always update new onion links if some tor links are not working, in this case, that type links may works after some time because some admin makes live his website for the specific time. The reason is security, Are you still want to explore similar sites then you may check available alternatives links. Still, you are not able to found any alternative links then you may try the below-given technique.

    In the case of “Darknet Markets” (Tor marketplaces) almost always the market itself has “mirror links” either on its homepage or user dashboard, here’s an example:

    How to access dark web

    In case the mirrors aren’t listed, or you aren’t trying to find alternate links for a darknet market but any other deep web site, you can use the following Google Dork

    Site name + subreddit Note: We have listed all popular darknet markets mirror links in his review article

    E.g. I searched for Dream Market + Subreddit, and on the official subreddit, I got enough threads with a working link. Sometimes the subreddit itself has “alternate links” listed on the right-sidebar so yeah those can be tried as well.

    You can even join our Facebook Group and leave us a comment/direct message there with the name of the site whose link you need, and we will try our best to get it to you.

    So hey that gets the dead links covered, now let’s move on to probably the most important question for this whole guide on how to access the Deep web.

    Is Accessing the Deep Web Illegal?

    No, it’s not. Dark web is what’s illegal. Wait, I’ll explain.

    If you understand the deep web and you’re sure that you’re on the “deep web” only, meaning the clearnet part of the deep web which has unindexed web pages, it’s not illegal.

    Or, if you’re accessing any of the legal deep web links (some examples are listed below) those too are 100% legal.

    Then again, you have to be sure that you’re not accessing anything which you shouldn’t have access to, e.g. there may be a login page, and it’s not indexed which does make it “deep web” content but if you brute force your way in with the password, yes then it’s illegal.

    Dark Web on the other hand, which lets you buy/sell products, hire killers and what not is totally illegal. Although even then, simply “browsing” the dark web too can’t land you in jail, but you better not give them reasons to suspect, right?

    In a nutshell, the Deep Web in itself isn’t illegal, it’s just a network for security and privacy-conscious people. It’s only illegal when you venture into the dark web and commit some unlawful action there(such as downloading child porn / buying drugs Fake documents, gadgets, games, weapons, credit cards and debit cards dumps, counterfeit bills, etc.) which when committed on the deep web are illegal.

    Bottom line, simply browsing the deep web isn’t illegal, taking part in anything illegal in any way, is illegal, I hope you’ve got the idea!

    Still interested and want to read full detail article about Is it Illegal to Access the Deep Web?

    Some Legal Sites on the Deep Web

    When I said the Deep Web is legal I meant it, in fact, some major companies including Facebook have deep web versions of their sites.

    This indicates that deep web isn’t illegal and can be safely accessed and used as long as no illegal action is committed on the deep web.

    Deep Web was created for people who are privacy and security conscious and would like to exercise rights such as free speech or expose corruption without bringing harm to themselves.

    So it’s 100% legal, as long as you’re exclusively on the “deep web” and aren’t doing anything illegal. Here are some legal deep web sites which aren’t only legal, but also have won prestigious prizes such as the Pulitzer for their vigilance.

    So here are some answers for how to access the deep web, or better yet, how to access legal sites on the deep web.

    a. ProPublica

    Website: https://www.propub3r6espa33w.onion/

    ProPublica is a journalism website which owns the Pulitzer and is funded by some very (very) rich organizations.

    b. Facebook

    Website: https://www.propub3r6espa33w.onion/

    If you’d rather be anonymous and not get your data indexed on search engines, you can use this deep web version of Facebook.

    c. Sci-Hub

    Website: http://scihub22266oqcxt.onion/

    The world is a centralized organization (Wow, that turned into a great quote actually!). Anyway, what Sci-Hub does is, make it decentralized.

    It grants you access to some of the most premium, proven, hardcore scientific papers, for free!

    The point of me listing all these legal deep web sites is to prove that the deep web isn’t illegal, it’s a more “liberal” kind of Internet, the way internet was supposed to be.

    d. SecureDrop

    Website: http://secrdrop5wyphb5x.onion/

    Secure Drop is a drop-site for whistleblowers. In other words, you can share documents, files, and other data which can expose govt. agencies, corrupt politicians and others of the like.

    It isnt possible on the Clearnet for obvious reasons. Would you just E-mail potentially-exposing documents about your President to the media? Yes, I didnt think so.

    Secure Drop also has personalized addresses for some of the biggest media outlets, including The Guardian, The Washington Post, The Intercept etc. Its completely legal to browse, and even use Secure Drop. There are no legal actions which can be taken against you for exposing someone or something.

    e. IIT Underground Tunnels

    Website: http://62gs2n5ydnyffzfy.onion

    One of the most interesting legal darkweb links so far. It basically proves the existence of a number of service tunnels under The Illinois Institute of Technology. The university doesnt acknowledge the existence of these Tunnels and that actually is what makes it all the more interesting.

    The site provides real photographs taken by (probably) a student. He/she also provides about the details of each tunnel. Furthermore, a number of precautions and requests regarding explorations of these tunnels is also shared.

    There also is a basic yet pretty well-detailed map which can be printed and used while actually exploring the tunnels! Again, completely legal to browse and use.

    I’ll sum this “how to access the deep web” guide up shortly, after answering one more common question that arises with the deep web.

    How to Filter Good Deep Web Sites from Bad?

    As you’re reading this how to access the deep web guide, I suppose you’re new to this so let me help you out, so you don’t land yourselves in trouble.

    Good deep web sites simply mean sites which are legal and safe to use or won’t scam you.

    Bad deep web sites are actually “dark web sites” which are either illegal and are pure scams.

    The easiest way is to check what the site is offering. If it’s merely a blog, a search engine or anything else which isn’t delivering any illegal content (such as buying selling of weapons, or leaking question papers to some exams or asking for any personal or financial details) it is a legal and good deep web site so to say.

    On the other hand, all “darknet markets” are illegal, so if it’s selling anything,”it’ll probably be illegal.

    Or if you’re using something like a Bitcoin tumbler, or anything else which “may” scam you, you can check its legitimacy by a simple Google search (sitename + reviews), or check its “reddit” (sitename + subreddit). There you’ll find real people sharing their experience about the site so it’ll help you decide if you wish to proceed or not.

    Note that in all our time of strolling the alleys of the Dark web, we’ve found more scams than legitimate sites. Regardless of what a darkweb website sells, it most often is either a long-term or a short-term con/scam.

    Also, all Darknet platforms require “advance deposits” from users. Be it Bitcoin Tumblers, Darknet Markets, info-sharing sites, credit cards market or anything else.

    As a result, those platforms always have an upper hand on any transaction. Even the most established marketplaces such as Wall-Street markets exit-scammed. They either do this when there’s enough cash in their wallets, or when Law enforcement agencies are getting closer. And they’ve got the law on their side, as in the law won’t help you when things go wrong with these platforms.

    In essence, there’s no true way to find a “good (trustworthy) illegal dark web site” which is not exactly a bad thing. As for the “good sites” those are mostly informative and do not require any kind of funds/money and that’s an indication by itself.

    Although note that even “no-money requiring” dark web sites may be illegal, such as those sharing illegal porn and should be avoided at all cost.

    How to Access the Deep Web on Android

    These days more than 60% internet users use the internet on their smartphone devices like an Android and iOS operating system based devices. But if you are Android users and want to know how to access the deep web on Android, then this section will help you.

    Why Users Prefer to Use a Smartphone to Access the Deep Web?

    Everyone knows, Smartphone is a portable device, and we can easily access the internet with the help of smartphone anywhere anytime. But like the normal Internet, you can’t access the deep web on Android by Tor browser because Tor browser bundle is not available for Android devices.

    Now, the main question is how to access the deep web on Android and the answer is very simple, we have some other applications which work like Tor browser on the Android smartphone.

    Application names that you need to download and install on your Android phone before accessing the deep web, are below:

    1). Nord VPN Apps
    2). Orbot: Proxy with Tor

    How to Access the Deep Web on Android Step by Step Guide

    Here I am guiding you, the whole process to access the deep web on Android with the screenshot. Only you need to follow below given every step.

    Step 1: You already know, deep web is the hidden place on the internet which is hidden from the search engine, then privacy is the first priority for every dark web users before accessing the deep web. This is the main reason, First, use any premium VPN service for making your privacy more strong and untraceable.

    In this tutorial, I am using Nord VPN because NordVPN offers Onion Over VPN Server which is dedicated to onion routing, these service transfer you all internet traffic from anonymous routes. NordVPN fully dedicated to privacy or anonymity because that offers internet kill switch, app kill switch, Zero log policy, DNS leak protection with ultra-fast internet speed.

    Get NordVPN today 70% OFF Now 3 Year Subscription only $3.49/Month

    Note: If you do not have any premium VPN then you can choose any best fit VPN service from my Best VPN services list.

    I have installed NordVPN app on my Android smartphone If you don’t then first visit this app download link, Download app and install on your smartphone.

    After successful installation, you can see NordVPN shortcut icon at your smartphone home screen like as given below.

    How to access Deep web

    Now run NordVPN app, and when you tap the Nordvpn app icon, then you will get a screen like below, on that screen you will get two options, one is login and second is sign up.

    How to access darknet market

    In order to Login, youd need premium NordVPN access. If you do have a NordVPN subscription, click on Login and enter your login credentials.

    How to access Deep web

    Note: If you don’t have a premium subscription of NordVPN then you need to tap on “Signup &gt,(Enter valid e-mail/and a desired Password)&gt,Create Account“ Button. And buy premium NordVPN access according to your choice.

    How to access Deep web

    Once youve logged in to NordVPN, just like its PC version, itd ask you to enable Cybersec which Id recommend you do.

    How to access Deep web

    Now its time to select any one VPN server for internet connection, for server selection you need to go to the Bottom, there you can see multiple options (P2P, Onion Over VPN, Double VPN, Dedicated IP) servers. You can either choose a specialty server from the Specialty servers section as shown below).

    How to access Deep web

    Or, you can slide down which would bring up the entire country-list for you to choose from. You can choose any specific country to connect to from this list.

    How to access Deep web

    You can tap on the gear icon just next to a countrys name to get access to the entire server-list for that specific country. Anyway, either choose a country or a server within a country and tap on it.

    How to access Deep web

    Your device would ask permission to connect to a VPN, tap on OK.

    How to access Deep web

    If the connection is successful, the VPN-interface would turn Green on the top, as well as the country will be highlighted in Green and youd see a Disconnect button instead of Connect as was appearing earlier.

    How to access Deep web

    Tor was recently launched for Android devices officially. So while the rest of this guide is still completely relevant, using the official Tor browser for Android is just a better option.

    You can download Tor either from:

    Launch the Tor browser for Android, once downloaded, it’ll present you with a “Connect” button. You’ll then get progression messages, such as “bootstrapped 12%doing X-Y-Z 75%..and so on”. Just wait a couple seconds till it reaches 100%.

    Once done, Tor would be launched. You’ll get a screen as follows:

    how to access the deep web 2

    Click on the three vertical lines on the top-right corner and choose “Security Settings”.

    How to access the deep web

    (Tor for Android doesn’t allow “Screenshots” and hence we had to capture a photo of the screen).

    Then, simply slide the slider to the “Safest” option.

    how to access the deepdark web 4

    Done! Simply use the URL bar on the top to access any website (both Clearnet and .onion) as you do with any other browser.

    Note that some .onion websites only work well with their Desktop versions, primarily Darknet markets and others. While we do not encourage or support visiting such sites, you may do so for research or just out of curiosity.

    Anyway, if the website is not being displayed correctly. You can click on those three vertical dots and select “Request Desktop site”. This would bring up the desktop version of all the sites that you visit. Either way, this is how you access the deep web on mobile using Tor.

    In case youd still use Orbot, heres how to do it. (Orbot was the primary way to access the deep web before the official Tor for Android was launched).

    Step 2: For this second step, you need to download an app called ORBOT to your Android device and install on your Android Mobile.

    For downloading the app you need to visit, and type “Orbot proxy with Tor” into app search box.

    Or directly you can click on this direct app download link, and download this app into your device. After successful installation, youd see the Orbot icon on your Android homescreen.

    Launch the app by tapping on it.

    Like most apps, Orbot would like to take you on a tour of itself, however you can simply slide-right (or tap on the arrow button) to skip the tour.

    How to access Deep web

    This is what the Orbot welcome-interface looks like. You should tap on the VPN Mode slider on the screen.

    How to access Deep web

    It would ask you to let Orbot connect to a VPN as well, and again simply click on OK.

    How to access Deep web

    Here you need to configure some setting as you can saw on the display, VPN Mode, VPN Country Name, Tor Enable Apps (Recommended).

    Even though tapping on VPN Mode initiates Device-wide VPN protection, you can also click on the gear icon just next to the Full Device VPN text.

    How to access Deep web

    And then choose the apps youd like to route via Tor. For e.g. your browser(s), Messaging apps etc.

    How to access Deep web

    Once its all done simply tap on the big Onion button to finally get the app running. Itll turn green indicating successful connection.

    How to access Deep web

    3). To explore the deep web, You need an internet browser and deep web links. Here I am using Google Chrome browser for onion link access.

    For updated deep web or dark web links, you can visit . This website has more than 3000+ active deep web links.

    Here I am looking search engine links that offer searching service like the Google, Bing, Yahoo or etc, thats hitting click on the deep web search engine links. On that page found some active onion search engine links and one links is related to Ahmia search engine.

    Now I clicking on Ahmia search engine link msydqstlz2kzerdg, and link opened in a new tab, here is my Ahemia site screenshot.

    If you have the same screen like me, then you are ready to explore more onion links. Even on a PC, simply fire up your VPN + Tor browser, and enter the URL youre trying to access. Lets checkout another link, I am trying to access one of the most popular darknet markets (Empire Market) link.

    How to access empire market

    Hope this demo tutorial how to access the deep web proving helpful and you can easily setup you deep web access environment into your Android Mobile. Let’s enjoy deep web anytime anywhere.

    Final Words:

    So that’s a wrap as far as this guide on how to access the deep web is concerned folks.

    The line between a deep web site, and a dark web site is very thin, so if you wish to only be on the deep web, great. Unfortunately, you don’t get to choose where the next link leads you on the deep web.

    So let me just say that accessing the deep web is safe and legal, yet you should implement the security measures we’ve talked about.

    Although we also did a complete, detailed guide on how to access the “Darknet markets” with all the security measures and precautions so you can check that out as well.


    This article is completely and solely for “educational and research purposes only”. Any use of this article, and/or the deep/dark web, or anything else on your part both legal and illegal will be totally your own responsibility and we or our team will not be responsible for any of your actions.

    Although hey, do like our Facebook page and let us know what you think of this article on how to access the deep web?

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