161+ Deep Web Links That Always Active

There aren’t many places you can find over 161+ deep web links on the web, well that’s exactly what we bring to you.

Even though there are sites like the Hidden Wiki and Tor links, over 60% of the links there are long dead, and those directories are seldom updated.

So, we’ve compiled this list of 161+ working deep web links which we’ve manually tested and verified to be functional before including them over here.

Also, we’ve made sure we update this sheet periodically to exclude the links which go dead, and include newer ones to further extend the list. You can let us know if you encounter any dead links via our Social media page and group.

Note: Before sharing with you anything about the deep web links, I want to tell you one thing. I am not recommending you below given links to explore. I am sharing these links to you only for deep web information, I want to tell you because want to share with you, what type of information you can get on the deep web, these links not for any type illegal or suspicious activities, If you will involve in such type activities then only you are the responsible for your all actions.

Note: We are not promoting any type CP or Pedo related links on this blog post if you will find any links that have CP or Pedophile contents then please report to site admin.

How to Access the Deep Web Links

If you are new and dont know how to explore the deep web then you can find full detail step by step guide that can help you to understand everything about the hidden internet, there all things available in screenshot. Here is the guide you should check.

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  • if NordVPN connected then you can download Tor browser bundle then install.
  • If Tor browser installed then execute this program by the available desktop icon.
  • Before the visit, any below-listed deep web links, make sure check your browser settings. Browser security setting should be safest level, and JavaScript should be disabled.
  • If all things were done then you are ready for exploring.
  • Many times, some dark web links need signup then dont use your original identity, like business email, DOB, Address, Phone No or etc. Use any fake identity and If PGP key support available then must use PGP Key encryption. For Anonymous Email you should try protonmail.

I strongly advised you NordVPN service because some links on this list are completely illegal, meaning even browsing or being on them is a criminal offense such as Child Porn or Red Rooms, and hence without a VPN service, you run the risk of being traced and charged by law in some countries.

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161+ Deep Web Links (Updated 2020)


pharmhywiwiyjhj3 Drugs dark web vendor shop that sells a wide variety of products from categories such as Benzos, Opioids, Prescription Drugs, Stimulants and more. The vendor shop accepts payments in BTC and Monero (XMR). It offers premium quality genuine pharmaceutical drugs with availability of U.S. Domestic Shipping.

quality2ui4uooym Drugs QualityKing Quality King is a Drug Marketplace as well, it has 4 primary categories, which include Benzos, Opioids, Prescription Pills and Stimulants. Although not extremely product-rich, has a total of around 35 individual listings. Also it doesnt offer as low buying limits as Dope Farm and generally ships a pre-specified amount of the product.

6ngvt5ueyjyo62zx Marketplace Empire Market Empire Market, formerly known as Alpha Bay Market is the newest marketplace in the industry. Its a tribute to Alphabay and its former founder, and thats the reason it looks and feels exactly alike Alphabay when it comes to user-interface and layout. Has around 3500 products, and all the security features including PGP encryption, 6-digit PIN, Escrow etc. Accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero.

elite6c3wh756biv7v2fyhnoitizvl2gmoisq7xgmp2b2c5ryicottyd – Marketplace – Elite Market – A marketplace with exactly 1198 products listed in the following categories- Drugs, Software, Porn, Security, Guides, Digital items, Fraud etc. Also features an automated autoshop. Is strict on its vendors. Vending is allowed for a vendor bond of USD $150.00. Multiple security features include 2-FA/ Welcome phrase/ security Pin/ Mnemonic code etc. Only BTC accepted for now. Not wallet-less.

grymktgwyxq3sikl Darknet Marketplace Grey Marketplace (Exit Scam) Grey Market accepts BTC and XMR. Does offer Escrow. Mandatory registrations required. 700+ products listed currently. Primary products include Drugs, Digital Goods, Services and Fraud. Vendor-profiles can be vetted before ordering as Vendor “ratings and levels” available. Vendor bond is priced at USD $99.00. Finalize-Early available. Features an advanced search-functionality.

samsaraccrn2jmin Marketplace Samsara Market Established in 2019, Samsara Market is established Deep web marketplace at the moment, It also is one of the most product-rich marketplaces with over 120,000+ individual listings. Air-tight security features include PGP Encryption, Withdrawal code, Escrow etc. It has over 5 working Mirror links, and a super-active Forum to solve your questions and confusions by interacting with other users of the marketplace. Accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Monero.

berlusconifsfwkp Darknet Marketplace Berlusocni market is a third-party marketplace and lets users sell on the marketplace for a vendor bond of 0.0277346 BTC (free accounts available). F.E available although not for new vendors. Escrow available and applicable on most trades. Does have an autoshop/digital-goods category. Physical products include Drugs, Gold, some Carded items etc. 2-FA via PGP available. Multisig transactions are in beta-test currently.

auzbdiguv5qtp37xoma3n4xfch62duxtdiu4cfrrwbxgckipd4aktxid Darknet Market White House Market White House Market is another Darknet Market, available both on the Tor and the I2P network. Has no deposit/withdrawal limits whatsoever. Monero is the accepted currency. 5% vendor fee for each sale, vendor account is free. CP, Terrorism, Killing, and Weapon related services/goods banned. Impressive growth in product-quantity, boasts 597 products for now. Escrow available. Registration and 2-FA mandatory.

nightmareocykhgs Marketplace NightMare Marketplace One of the most product-rich Darknet marketplaces today, with nearly 50,000 individual listings is what Nightmare is. It has a product-stock of Drugs alone amounting to 36,538 listings as of today. Although other products such as Software, Cards, Bank data, VPN, Fake Ids and other Counterfeit products are available. Does offer 2 or 3 Multisig, 2-FA, and Escrow for security. Accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, ZCash etc. Vending is currently priced at 100USD.

cryptofpr4ysjeez Marketplace Cryptonia Marketplace If its drugs youre looking for, Cryptonia has got you covered. Even though it officially supports most other Darknet products, currently its overflowing with Drugs. Accepts payments not only in Bitcoins, but also in Monero. Also features 2 of 3 Multisig transactions for added security. Has vendor levels and verified/unverified status providing anti-scam environment. Individual vendors are accepted.

3rmybxbtkb5txmqv Marketplace Genesis Marketplace A fast-growing marketplace which sells everything from Drugs, Digital Goods, Fraud related items to Jewelries. Being new, currently has a stock of only around 2000 individual listings. Doesnt require deposits. Functions on a wallet-less, real-time deposit procedure where users only deposit the exact funds, at the exact time of purchase. No leftover funds on the marketplace mean no exit-scams. Shows the best vendors automatically. Also shows Latest Purchases. Accepts only Bitcoin. Vending is priced at USD $199.00

dreama72ki5iqtt7 Marketplace Dream Alt Marketplace A registration-only marketplace which specializes in (based on product quantity) Drugs and Digital Goods. Has other products such as Fraud and Tutorials listed. Child Porn, Weapons, Terrorism-related products, and Human Trafficking is banned. Total number of products as of today is 5093. Offers advanced search-feature. 2-FA and Escrow available. Vending is allowed. Digital goods too available. Does require deposits before purchasing (not real-time or wallet-less).

pointgg344ghbo2s Marketplace Tochka/ Point Market Formerly known as Tochka Market, Point Market is a marketplace with over 3500+ individual product listings and has products which include Drugs, Digital Goods and financial services. It accepts payments via Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and also Ethereum. Has advanced security features such as Multisig, 2-FA, Escrow and an additional Payment Password.

protonirockerxow Email Protonmail Gmail, Yahoo, and nearly every other conventional Email provider tracks, monitors and even reads your Emails. Protonmail is an anonymous, decentralized, freemium E-mail provider which offers both free and paid plans. The E-mails are completely secure, encrypted anonymous and off the govts reach. Its open-source and uses Swiss Servers.

nzh3fv6jc6jskki3 Email RiseUp RiseUP is like a one-stop solution, providing encrypted, decentralized E-mails, Chat, VPNs, and many other tools. Theyre free and formed for those working towards a social change, but optionally they accept a $1 donation to keep the service running. They also provide Mailing lists for social activists, with the option of letting you request a custom list as well. Theyve two primary account types, Riseup Red and Riseup Black, the former deals with Emails and chat, while the latter with VPNs and end-to-end encrypted Emails.

doggyfipznipbaia Chat Server CryptoDog CryptoBot is a chat-server, which works both as a private chat room, and a public one. You can either join private rooms if you know their exact name, or can join Lobby which is a public chat room. When you start, a bot tells you what the topic of the chat is via a reddit link, and then you can start talking. It lists all the members currently in the conversation. Also allows sending private messages to other members in the chat. No registration/signup required. The chats are encrypted as well.

campfireagz2uf22 Chat Server CampFire CampFire is again a chat-room, designed with the concept of a campfire talk in mind. It does require a kind of Signup, meaning you need to enter a nickname, along with a password, and a not so simple captcha to join which separates it from CryptoDog.

bitmailendavkbec BitMessage Bitmessage BitMessage is a revolutionary communications tool, which lets you send extremely encrypted Emails and messages to your recipients. It works on a decentralized framework, and is completely anonymous. Your message is sent to every other BitMessage user on the planet, but only the person your message is meant for will be able to decrypt it. It also can be used to broadcast messages to many recipients at once, and you can subscribe to other channels to receive their broadcasts.

sinbox4irsyaauzo Email SinBox SinBox too is a E-mail client like BitMessage, which lets you send completely anonymous and encrypted messages to users. The decryption key isnt stored online, and is rather stored on the host machine, its on the server only as long as youre logged in. The decryption key is whats used to login to the platform. There are no limits to numbers of Emails you can send. Also has a public directory you can enlist yourself onto in case you wish to make new friends.

grrmailb3fxpjbwm Email TorGorrillaMail Disposable Temporary Emails, thats exactly what TorGorrillaMail is. It lets you create a temporary E-mail ID, which is valid for 60 minutes. Perfect for short-term conversations, or when you need to preserve your identity as you can always create new Email IDs after 60 minutes and keep repeating it forever. Lets you choose from over 9 domain extensions, and you can either create your own E-mail ID, or choose an auto-generated scrambled ID. Also has a strong Anti-spam algorithm in place.

avengersdutyk3xf Forum DNM Avenders DNM Avengers is a team dedicated towards preventing scams and other kinds of foul play on Darknet markets, one of the earlier deep web links discussed above (Wall Street Market) is one of the darknet markets which makes use of DNM Avengers. It strolls the Dark Net Markets for scammers, and at times even orders and tests the drugs to be pure and legit from any specific vendors.

kbyz2vu3fnv2di7l Forum Italian Deep Web The Italian Deep Web too is one of the Deep Web Links to a Deep web forum, even though most of it is in French. Its a forum where you can meet and greet other Darknet users and talk to them about various topics. The only problem is, nothing is accessible without registration, and its not easy to translate whats written either.

fdwmarkvokb5i7wh Marketplace FDW Market FDW Market is one of those Deep Web Links which takes you to a Darknet marketplace dedicated especially to the French Community. Although they do state that they are free and open for all. It does support Escrow, along with PGP. Although takes no responsibility of the shops highlighted via banners on the site and does mention them being clearly for financial gain.

torum6uvof666pzw Forum Torum If you’re searching for a free-to-join, Non-profit Cyber security forum which would educate you on hacking and other cyber-sec related skills, Torum is where you land. It currently boasts 6220 members and has a ranking system in place, members with 0, 10, 25, 100, and 250 posts are accordingly awarded New member, Member, Active Member, Senior Member and Veteran Member titles. Registration is only required if you wish to post, accessing/viewing the forum is completely free. Has threads on Social Engineering, DDoS, Web Pentesting, Operating system, Cryptography etc.

suprbayoubiexnmp Forum SuperBay Superbay forum is The Pirate Bay Forum, made specifically for discussions about the Torrent site and its links. It can be used to request links, report Child porn and other such links which arent allowed, and at times can also be used to get links for Movies and various other categories directly from the Forum considering how The Pirate Bay site keeps getting seized over and over again.

cnwv3ycmy4uc7vou Forum CrimeNetwork CrimeNetwork is one of the most active Deep Web Links when it comes to a Darknet Forum, it has a post almost every 5 minutes and even though its a forum, is quite frequently used as an actual marketplace, with topics such as weapons, drugs, drops garnering special attention. Again, not all of it is in English and as Tor doesnt have an auto-translator it may not be the best place for English only users.

answerstedhctbek Forum Hidden Answers Hidden Answers is a one of those Darknet links which redirects you to a site like Quora, or basically a Question-answer site, where users can ask and answer questions to and from other users. Although as its on Tor its more liberal and accommodating to questions which arent generally accepted or allowed on Clearnet sites, such as family sex, hiring serial killers, cooking meth and so on.

wayawaytcl3k66fl Forum WayAWay WayWay is a Russian Forum which is dedicated specifically to Drugs. Again all of the site is in Russian. It has 158, 337 registered users who make it quite active, with 38000+ topics and 2230999 total posts. It has a unique concept of charging sellers for their signatures on the Forum if and when they use Banners to their services.

rrcc5uuudhh4oz3c Forum IntelExchange Yet another one of the Deep Web Links to a Forum where you can exchange Intel or Information. Doesnt guarantee every reply you get will be from a genius, but well its pretty categorized and has sections for Mechanics, suppressed technologies, Hacking, Conspiracy etc. Also can be used to find like-minded people and form/develop new ideas. Registration is free, but must to participate on the forum. It also uses a Master Password in addition to the general password for added security to user accounts and activities.

shoptlv3n2pfiwsc Drugs SmokerCo If you’re not from India, Spain, Israel or the UAE, SmokersCo is a place you can swing by to get some Weed or Hash. It’s a darknet market accepting Bitcoin payments. Seems like an individually-owned marketplace and currently only has 15 listings. Orders can only be placed after registering. Offers undetectable shipping which is smell-proof, scanner-proof and shock-proof. It’s the only darknet market I’ve ever seen which will “match” the prices if similar goods are found anywhere at lower prices. They also re-ship 100% of the products.

ny4a6zwwmrvyjtlu Drugs Global Dreams, this is probably the least-BS Darknet Market drugs site I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Considering how its interface couldn’t be any simpler (literally).
The product-catalogue includes MMC Pills, LSD, Hash, MDMA, Mephedrone, MDMA (pills) etc. Even has a “specials” category. Total individual listings add upto 100 products. Does support automatic orders. Accepts payments only via Bitcoin. Does offer Refunds for customers inside EU, although for Non-EU residents no more than 25% of the original order is re-shipped (with exceptions for frequent customers).

tbkukxw3vpnrhbvn Drugs TheBarKing Store is a Darknet Market with two specialties, Xanax and Shipping to the hardest countries! It’s exclusively a Xanax-only marketplace and specializes in Shipping to USA, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Australia to name just a few of the countries it specializes in shipping to. It’s a registrations-only marketplace and has 6 products as of today which include S903 Xanax, R039 Xanax, GG249 Xanax, UpJohn Xanax, R031 Xanax, and X2 Xanax. Only Bitcoin is accepted. They have an extremely liberal refund policy and offer 100% refund in case the package is seized. Because of their advanced stealth packaging methods the shipping costs are comparatively higher, while the cheapest price is EUR 10 for UK, may be as high as AUD $80 for Australian orders.

mlj4iyalawb2ve2u Drugs If you’re a resident of the EU, and are strolling the Dark web for a platform which would sell you prescription-based (or rarely available) tablets, medicines, injectibles and other medical supply without the prescription, EU Benzos is where you should take a peek.
It’s a platform any 5-year kid can operate and purchase from without having to bang their heads on their screens. The only drawback is they ship only to EU countries and nowhere else.
It does require registrations however it’s completely anonymous and doesn’t require any verification whatsoever. Users can pay via the Bitcoin deposit address displayed during checkout, or via all other Cryptocurrencies by E-mailing the team.

shoptjuucptcy3fu Drugs DopeFarm DopeFam is probably one of the most popular deep web links when it comes to a Drop/Drugs marketplace. Its a marketplace which specializes on Drugs, and as theyve mentioned all of their Weed comes in from Netherlands, while the Hash from UK. What makes them special is their no minimum order policy, meaning you can order amounts as low as 1 gram as well.

quality2ui4uooym Drugs QualityKing Quality King is a Drug Marketplace as well, it has 4 primary categories, which include Benzos, Opioids, Prescription Pills and Stimulants. Although not extremely product-rich, has a total of around 35 individual listings. Also it doesnt offer as low buying limits as Dope Farm and generally ships a pre-specified amount of the product.

serpentfeli2knox Drugs Serpent Market Yet another Drugs marketplace, Serpent Market is known for its security features, which include PGP encryption, Escrow, and 2 out of 3 multi sig transactions. It also supports Finalize Early should you want to use it. As for currencies it supports both Bitcoin as well as the newer Monero. Its developed specifically for drugs, and hence Pornography, Weapons, Fraud, Hacking, Digital Goods etc. are completely banned on the marketplace.

xdsa5xcrrrxxxolc Drugs Steriod King Steroid King as the name suggests primarily specializes in drugs which go towards body improvement/Steroids, such as an increase in Sex drive, weight-loss etc. It has 56 individual listings to be exact, and supports a wide gamut of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, and Potcoin. Theyve been functional for about 3 years now, although security isnt their strongest suit and hence I couldnt find PGP encryption available on the marketplace.

ma3lisqktqdlg3t6 Drugs Mollyworld MollyWorld is a Drug Store which sells MDMA and Ecstacy, its more a team of sellers who created their own marketplace after SR1 and EVO went down, than a marketplace comprising of independent sellers. They seem to guarantee genuine products, and a customer support team which guarantees replies within 24 hours.

abyssopyps3z4xof Drugs The French Connection Again a Drug Store, completely English despite having French in its name. As for security, theres only PGP encryption available. IT offers absolutely no refunds, and answers questions based on the level of buyer you are, meaning if youve a lot of orders you can ask many questions, if not, youre required to ask lesser number of questions. Also, they do not ship to the United States, and no tracking information is provided for the orders.

shoptjuucptcy3fu Drugs DeDope German Weed Store DeDope is a German Weed Store, which has exactly two products, Bubblegum and Marokk Hash. They ship from Germany, and require a 20 USD shipping fee in addition to the product price. Theres a contact form in place which becomes available after you order a product. The lowest amount you can buy is 10gm. Bubblegum and/or 50gm. Morokk Hash. Only Bitcoin is supported.

drugss5mif4vrbws Drugs DrugsStore Its a Drugs Store and thats quite literally its name. You cant check the products out or do anything else without Registration. For security it does support a 4-digit Withdrawal Pin. It has around 45 products in total which is a big number for a Drug-store, categorized into stimulants, Opioids, PSYs, Ecstasy, Prescription etc. again only Bitcoin is accepted as a form of payment.

rwomyp5xcey3dr76 Drugs The Worldwide Pharmacy- A drug-store which sells pharma-products. It doesnt sell anything organic or herbal. Only tablets and capsules are available. Xanax, Diazepam Tramadol are just some of the available products. Categories include Oioids, Stimulants, Benzos etc. Ordering process is completely manual. E-mails sent to be sent for orders. Only BTC is accepted. Shipping days are Monday to Thursday, and sometimes on Fridays.

xe4prg5sezy7u243 Drugs E-shopper- A semi-automated Darknet market selling drugs. Pills, Cannabis and everything else is available. Has the following product-categories: Cocaine, Seeds, LSD, Meth, Ecstasy etc. No registrations required. A form needs to be filled with delivery address, the marketplace then contacts the user (probably after payment, as the BTC address is displayed right after checking out). 50% re-ship offered in some cases if the item isnt delivered.

weedsragjdyuimdm Drugs WeedStore Its one of those self-descriptive Deep Web Links isnt it? Weed Store so obviously its a store which sells Weed. It too requires registration in order to let you do anything, and it too supports a security PIN, although the PIN doesnt have a pre-specified limit and seems to be of any number of characters you want. Has exactly 6 products on the marketplace, and accepts only Bitcoin.

pushingtabu7itqj Drugs Pushing Taboo Pushing Taboo is a Drugstore thats been functional for nearly 6 years now which offers LSDs, Raw LSD Crystals, Tryptamines as its primary categories, basically Psychedelics. Although for some reason MDMA has been permanently banned from the marketplace. It offers PGP encryption, and has couple functional Mirror links as well and accepts only Bitcoin as the form of payment.

bigsexzwankdb27a Porn [emailprotected] Dark web porn repository which has more than 10000+ porn videos and photos, their user can access 100 TB data, and these porn videos are collected from BangBros, ghettogaggers, Brazzers, ATK, wicked, VIVID, red, hot, America, dorcel, pink visual, red light, thompson and etc. but that data available for downloading after pay $30 for lifetime access. and All videos download serving by mega.co.nz.

wirtin67ywc72pjq Porn GermanGirls Deep web porn site which have German housewife, like other dark web site site admin also sale access in fee, which is $30, but site doesnt have videos or pictures but there you can chant available german ladies, if you want to chat with women and you know german language then here is the deep web links for you.

tssa3saypkimmkcy Porn The Secret Story Archive The secret Story Archive is one of those active Dark web links which lets you read Erotic Stories on the platform. The stories are text-only without any graphics in them. It shows you the title of the story and its category before you start reading so you know what youre getting into. Completely free and not as illegal as the other Deep Web Links shared above.

n65xqgf3qj423wfj Porn SumoGuys Unique dark web porn link which have fat guy videos and pictures, do you love fat guys and want to watch that type guys porn stuff, you may try to explore this link.

zoopp2w6ets2cbze Porn Zoo School Zoo-School- This is one of the most unique Deep Web Links Ive ever seen, thats so because it offers porn between Animals and Girls. You can buy the entire collection for USD $60. Accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and DogeCoin as payment.

beautyboysj2sgq3 Porn The Beauty of Boys The Beauty of Boys is nor exactly Porn, neither illegal. Its just photos of Young Boys in their everyday situations, such as walking, swimming, sitting, talking etc. Although most photos are without a shirt, or of some weird exotic pose and surely make you creepy, its still legal. Its completely free, and no registration is required in order to view the images.

7haz75ietrhjds3j Porn All Natural Spanking Site Down.

32avzir6unmcg2y2 Porn My Secret World So its a kind of Forum cum Chat cum Blog, the blog sounds personal, and shares just about everything, from tech to what the admin had for drinks last night. The chat on the other hand can be used to talk about anything, but not CP, Gore or any of that weird stuff. Although it also used to be a mail service by the name of Cicadamail which was recently shut down due to lack of funds. The other parts of the site arent that active, except the blog which has a couple hundred posts and some of them quite informational and interesting.

oxwugzccvk3dk6tj/gore/index.html Porn /gore/- Bloods and Guts This is one of those tor site links taking you to a site designed specifically for Gore. Thats blood spilling everywhere, intestines coming out and what not. Its a kind of a forum where random users post photos and videos of the above said material. No registration is required to view or post content to the Forum and its absolutely free.

amputefruj4rzgz5 Deep web Porn Amputee Porn Loaded with pictures of naked girls, with disabled bodies. Not limited to any specific body part, and has all and every kind of Amputee porn pictures. Isn’t free and has 3 paid plans. 3 Month access starts at BTC 0.025, 6month access costs 0.045 BTC and 12 month access costs 0.07 BTC. A payment is sent back, something like 0.021241 BTC, the digits on the sent-back amount are the password you need before being granted access.

c7ooac5dc5iub6jc Dark web porn C700 The Best Animal Site on the dark web It’s basically an animal porn site, the human is always a girl with some animal as the counterpart. Membership costs USD $59 without any refund possible. It provides unlimited access to all the website content. Displays over 100 snapshots from videos on the homepage to prove its creditability.

grannytnglrvaaf7 Deep web Porn Old Granny Sluts Granny Porn, has grannies as old as 80 years doing things which could put many 18 year olds at shame. Registration seems to be either closed, or having an error currently. It has a buyer-seller infrastructure embedded, sellers can upload videos, price, BTC address and make money, and buyers can buy those videos off the platform.

boyvidscckevqedz Porn/Community Boy Vids v4.0 Its a forum designed to share and talk about Boy Porn, where at least one Boy is involved. The forum is divided into two primary categories- videos and photos, with several threads in each such as Hardcore, Fetish, Toddlers, Models, Non-nudes etc. Quite often, people share real photos and videos of them with the boys during and/or after the act. Theres even a request option you can use to request users specific types and kinds of photos.

3dboysn3o5d7dk3i Porn/Community 3D Boys Home to Boys and Art Its a again a Porn community similar to Boy Vids v4.0, where photos and videos of Boy-porn are shared, the only difference is over here the photos arent real, rather are digitally created 3D renderings of fantasies some may enjoy. Also they have a unique username policy, your username can only contain of letters, and must have a meaning, it can be fake, but meaningful. Registrations are closed from July 2nd 2018 to August 5th, 2018, and again from December 17th, 2018 to January 6th, 2019.

tgirleexw34kdbx6 Deep Web Porn Tgirl World

hijabhawzxipgzfp Deep Web Porn Hijab Fuck Girls

familybw6azkhjsc Porn Family Love As the name suggests, this is one of the many Family sex Deep web links. It provides photos and videos of sex between among family members. Registration is must, and is automatic. Meaning once you click on Register, an username, password and pin code are auto-generated for your account, which youre supposed to write somewhere down. Download is allowed, sharing is not. So you cant upload the downloaded videos anywhere else on the web. Also, activating an account needs 0.0008BTC and 3 confirmations.

eaoqg26po24xcw2g Hitman Azerbaijani Eagles A darkweb “Hitmen-for-hire” site is what the Azerbaijani Eagles site is. They accept Killing, Torture, Rape, kidnapping and other similar orders. Prices start at USD $1,000 for arson. Killing costs USD $7,000. No logs. BTC and XMR payments accepted. Refunds possible.

h4gca3vb6v37awux Hitman 18th Street Gang is a completely anonymous, Bitcoin Escrow based Hitman-hiring site is what 18th St. Gang is. They offer proof of task once its done. Do not require personal or face-to-face meetings. No personally identifiable data required. Prices depend on the task complexity. Operation in all countries is claimed to be available. Do not kill Children and Presidents.

idomquol7lannf22 Hitman The Mechanic It is one of the oldest Deep web links when it comes to a Hitman site. Basically its a site where you can hire contract killers. As the site says, theres no age restriction, gender restriction or anything else. They also provide Proof of Work of previous jobs before you hand them a contract. Some upfront payment is required, although its not exactly 50-50. A social media profile is all thats needed to initiate a contract along with the initial amount. Accepts Bitcoin as well as Monero.

yo4jmu6dsfaeekt3 Hitman VeniceMan Killer Hitman Service Its a pretty custom-tailored HItman service, although whats unique is that the admin meets the clients personally who want so. Apart from killing, you can ask for injuries as well, and even some detective work such as finding missing people, making people disappear and what not. The minimum price is 70,000EUR in addition to other expenses such as travel, documents and such. The weapon of choice is selected by the admin and not the client, and he has some limitations such as no Politicians, Billionaires or VIPs to be contracted for.

zy3dkytcaubkq2y3 Hitman Slayers Hitman Service Slayers is a group of 48 Hitmen, who offer Killing, as well as life-ruining offers such as Acid Attacks, framing people and so on. The prices of each attack depends on the type and weapon. All the prices are listed at the site, although the lowest price is $15,000 if killed by gun, or $4,000 if acid-attacked. Extreme services such as Torture and Rape are available as well for as low as $1,000 USD.

shoptov4legot4pu Hire A Hacker HackerBay If it’s Hacking services you’re looking for, Hacker’s Bay may be one of the solutions on the Dark Web. They’re a team of hackers who provide services like School Grade system hacking, E-mail hacking, Website hacking, Social Media hacking and everything in between. The order process isn’t automated, and requires manually E-mailing the team on [emailprotected]. Cheapest service offered starts at USD $300 for Cell phone hacking, while they may go as high as USD $3500 for PC hacking. They also accept harder, or custom hacking jobs managed by their Special hacking services team for a slightly higher price

vscvkdcnjpwkdumrrnxsfhmx5shkztqzehnkvelpfrzj7sqkra7bcjid Hire Hacker Pundit Hacker After Drugs and Counterfeit products, the Darknet is famous for being able to offer illegal services. The Pundit Hackers’ Group is one such group of hackers offering any and all types of hacking services. They offer E-mail hacking, Social media hacking, records hacking/changing, Website hacking, various kinds of attacks and so on. Also accept “custom offers” of different types of hacks or requirements. Orders can only be placed via mails. No information on any advance-requirements or refunds available.

ytteyiazq2xyazjws45lxjpqie5krxdcoe4nr5vysldu54olnbtrg5qd Hire a Hacker Pseudo Harmer Hacker
Need to hire hackers? Pseudo Harmer Hacker is one such group of hackers available on the Darkweb which accepts clients and delivers hacking services.

They do not seem to have an “exceptions” list and probably will hack into any and everything. The provided list of services does include Cell phone hacking, E-mail hacking, school/company database hacking, social media hacking and so on.

No fixed prices have been mentioned, so they’ll vary depending on the job. Orders are placed via E-mail.

2ogmrlfzdthnwkez Hacking Rent-A-Hacker Rent-A-hacker is obviously one of those Deep web links where you can Rent a Hacker. Its a site run by an individual hacker, the site has a cart-system where various services are pre-listed, you only have to select the number of hacks you need, and click on buy now. The lowest price is 250EUR for hacking Facebook accounts or E-mails, while larger jobs cost as much as 500EUR. Payment is received via Bitcoin.

rsprjqyxhf25l3qd Detective DW-Detective Check anyone by access special database Site down.

hackerrljqhmq6jb Hacking Hacking Group Its again one of the hacker hiring deep web links, although its not run by an individual and rather is a group of hackers you can hire. Apart from Hacking, it also offers Cyber training, background traces, SSN checks, identifying cyber bullies for you, tracking lost devices and such. Basically anything and everything related to computers can be ordered from the site. They have a pricing page where the lowest amount is 0.0369BTC for hacking servers, and the highest being 0.1063BTC for data from Zeus such as Paypal accounts, bank accounts etc.

escrowytu7s7rlqn Escrow Service Dark Locker If 1% of an fee isn’t too much for you, DarkLocker offers an impressive Escrow for Darknet trades. Either the buyer/seller, or both the parties jointly (50-50) can pay the fee. Primary features include a “Locker Code”, and “expected time of delivery”. Locker Code is used to control funds. Escrow-status can be checked later using transaction ID (provided after transaction is initiated). Doesn’t ask for registrations or any personal details whatsoever. Picture-upload feature available.

escrowq5tus5jpgw Escrow Escrow Defense Escrow Defence is an Escrow service which you can employ for buying and selling goods to just about anyone on the planet. They mediate the transaction by tracking the shipment, verifying it was delivered and only then the seller is paid. Also, the seller is authorized to ship a parcel only after the buyer sends the funds to the Escrow and the Escrow service verifies it to be legit. It charges a 2% escrow fee which is split equally between the customers (1% each) to avoid anyone being charged unfairly.

escrow3e7meryzm5 Escrow Escrow Service This too is one of the Deep Web URLs for an Escrow service. It charges a 1.50% fee, and needs minimum information which include just the Bitcoin address and Email ID. If theres any dispute, its not handled by the Escrow company and rather an impartial third-party which keeps things fair. The service verifies that the buyer gets the item, and that the sellers gets his money if the item is successfully delivered.

safebtck4qejiero Escrow SafePay BTC Again an Escrow service which lets you buy goods with Bitcoin without having to worry about being scammed. It charges 1% as the Escrow fee. Verifies both the delivery of the good, and the faithful payment of the promised amount to the seller. Also has a dispute process embedded which gives buyers to dispute the order if its unacceptable, the seller then has 5 days to correct the issue or the transaction goes in favor of the buyer and the seller doesnt receive his money.

shoptar7e6dwjvoc Document Fraud FakeID As the name suggests, its a site which lets you buy Fake IDs. As of now its providing nearly everything including Passports, Driving Licenses, VISAs etc. Its available for the following countries as of now- Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA. 25% of the fee needs to be paid upfront, after which within 5 days your documents are produced and scanned proofs sent to you, then the rest of the payment needs to be released to receive the orders.

cmarketsiuhtiix5 Hacking – Cmarket CMarket is the International Criminals Market, everything you see in movies can be bought here, starting from fake documents, credit cards information, personal information, hospital records to name just a few. Although there are absolutely no links on the site, so you may need to contact the site admins on the provided E-mail if you wish to purchase something off the marketplace.

vfqnd6mieccqyiit Document Fraud UK Passports UK Passports is one of the many Deep web links which provide passports for the United Kingdom. The service is restricted to U.K only. Although along with passports, bank accounts can be purchased as well. The price for a passport is 1000GBP while that of bank accounts is 700GBP. Also, the country youre from is pre-stamped on the passport to make sure you dont have any problem during immigration.

64fgu54a3tlsgptx Carding A1 Quality Credit Cards Store (Scammer) This is one of the Tor sites links which lets you buy credit cum ATM cards. Not digitally rather physically, so the cards are shipped physically and can be used at ATMs worldwide. They ship only Master and Visa Cards. As for payment Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum is accepted. The price depends on the amount of money you wish to be in the card, the lowest order amount gets you a card with $2000 in it, for USD $100.

deepmar57fbonfiw Carding DeepMart (Scammer) is an arsenal for users seeking products related to Carding, Money Transfers or Electronics, although other products such as Fake documents and Hacking services too are available. Products can be purchased using Bitcoins. Registration is mandatory to make purchases. Offers “Buyer Protection” which includes full as well as partial refunds. Has Multisig escrow. Ships to over 200 countries and also has a 24X7 support team. Does have transparent vendor profiles (shows no. of sales, joining date, reviews from other users etc). although seems to lack a product search bar.

aannwx6fzpwniruq Finance BeRich is a platform which sells “money”. Weird as that may sound, you actually can purchase Cards flush with cash, bank transfers, PayPal accounts and Western Union Transfers. Two shipping modes available, i.e. Normal and Express, each with their own delivery times. Completely automated buying-process. Does require registrations. Bitcoin payments accepted. Credits/Transfers are claimed to be instant.

p2dxfdbzpqosi3f5 Finance/Carding/WU/PayPal – Onion Lab (Scammer) All kind of Financial services and products such as Paypal accounts, direct Wire Transfers, Credit/Debit cards, and Western Union pickups are what the Onion Lab sells. The user-interface is newbie-friendly and anyone can use the platform without having any prior experience on Darknet Markets. Payment can only be made using Bitcoins. Registration is mandatory. Digital Products are received within 1 hour of successful payment, Physical products too need a maximum of 14days with other more expensive but faster options available.

sn2vwdleom47kzqp Bitcoin/Finance E-Shop is an one-stop shop for all Bitcoin to Fiat related trades which include BTC to Card, BTC to WU, BTC to Bank etc. It also sells real, physical cards directly and home-delivers them. All trades require users to register. Registration is free, anonymous and instant.

d5ubjv46kownm4jl Finance/Carding DarkLab is arguably the simplest and basic(est) looking financial Darknet Market we’ve ever crossed paths with. It’s a one-page site, with basic text and 0 images/graphics as far as the UI goes.
They sell Paypal Accounts, Credit Card information (not physically shipped, but digitally usable cards such as on E-com sites), Western Union transfers and Wire Transfers. Most purchases cost around 10% of the actual worth of the purchase, such as a USD $5000 PayPal account costs around USD $455. Does offer American as well as European cards. Payments are currently accepted only in Bitcoins, and require 4 network confirmations before items are dispatched.

o3gaovlzc3d3x4oa Carding MakeMoney(Scammer) Make Money again is the name of a site which offers quite a few Financial services, starting from letting you buy Prepaid cards, send Bitcoins, Western Union transfers and Paypal accounts. In the case of Western Union transfers, you select a package which sends X amount of money, for a much lower price which you have to pay for it. Or you can buy the Paypal accounts with X amount of money in them, again for a much lower price.

df2as3ek5hwdsfjx Carding/Finance Darkside Are you looking Paypal balance accounts, money transfer, bitcoin debit cards and MasterCard on the dark web but dont know the right onion link that offers all these services, here I have Darkside onion link that offering all these type service on single place, and receiving fee in bitcoins, looking more information then you can explore given link.

bh3ly32l2b5gjqdc Carding/Counterfeit BigDeal Big Deal too is a site which sells you Cards and other financial services, which include Paypal accounts, transfers (Western Union and Moneygram), counterfeit bills etc. Although they seem to be more professional than most sites in the niche, and offer a messaging system, tracking system and a forum. They accept only Bitcoin as the form of payment.

pdf6uqyd4nxmghgw Carding/PayPal DeepDeal DeepDeal is a platform which facilitates deals on the Dark Web. Feel free to purchase Cards, W.U transfers or PayPal accounts. They probably offer multiple shipping modes. No working links which point to any geo-restrictions could be found either, hinting at their global availability. There’s an easy guide titled “how to buy’ which may come in handy for first-timers. An E-mail ID is made available for contacts as well.

eqnbwy4b4k4lrlq5 Carding Card Validator Whenever you buy a card on one of those markets, or from a CC dump you need to make sure the cards valid and you arent scammed then the Card validator comes to the rescue. You enter all the card details including card number, card issuer, expiry date and everything else. It then uses Luhn Algorithm, AVS Check, IIN check and couple other checks and then brings back to you the status of the card being live or not.

buyccoq36hlj6etg Carding BuyCC Shop This again is one of those Deep web links which lets you buy Credit cards both for online, as well as offline use so yes the cards are physical. Along with cards the platform also provides bankdrops and money transfers which include Moneygram as well as Western Union transfers. Whats unique is you can even Produce your own cards. There also is a 100% refund policy in case the cards dont work.

ccguruetr5jwye5g Carding CC Guru (Scammer) CC guru is a carding site run by a single individual who supposedly has already cashed out huge amounts. The cards he sells hold around USD $3000 and are sold for USD 250 each. The cards are shipped physically, and withdrawal instructions mailed to the buyer. Payment only via Bitcoin is accepted.

acteam2nmbucjnht Carding AC-Team AC-Team comprises of a team of carders, who sell credit cards, Paypal accounts and bank login data. The PIN for the card is mailed after each order. Whats special is they accept Escrow in case you wish to use one for your safety. Paypal accounts with around USD 900 can be bought for as low as 0.021BTC . As for trust factors, theyre enlisted as a verified vendor on The Hidden Wiki in case you trust the Wiki to begin with.

dreamrvfuqrpzn4q Carding Dream Weavers (Scammer) Dream Weavers is a carding-only site where you can buy various credit cards including both Magnetics as well as Chipped ones. The cards are loaded with around USD $2400 of amount. The site has a unique discount bracket in place, the more cards you buy at once, the cheaper the price per card will be for you. It accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, as well as Ethereum as the mode of payment.

prepaid3jdde64ro Carding Euphoric Oblivion Euphoric Oblivion sells Magnetic and Chipped cards with an average balance of USD $2500 in them. USD Debit cards for American and AUD cards for Australians are available. The cards are prepaid, and can also be loaded with more funds in case you want so. They accept Bitcoin along with Monero and BItcoin Cash as the form of payment.

torcvvq44o7ofjuu Counterfeit TorMarket Tor Market is a marketplace for credit card information. Registration is mandatory but fast without requiring any verification. You can buy any card, for nearly every provider for digital use, meaning the cards arent physically shipped, and only the card information is provided which can be used for Online shopping and payments. USD $30 is the minimum payment amount which needs to be deposited before you can start buying cards on the marketplace. Bitcoin is the primary payment method, but if the site is contacted through jabber, LTC, BCH, Dogecoin and some other payment modes can be used as well.

easyvisa5i67p2hc Carding EasyVisa (Scammer) EasyVISA is a deep web links to a site that sells credit card informations in packages. The Lite plan costs USD 25 and gets you 5 cards, with atleast $300 each, optimal package is USD $50 with 10 cards having USD $300 each, and finally Advanced plan with 20 CCs each. Payment as expected is only via Bitcoin.

moneyplheq37vfyk Carding Plastic Cards Plastic Money is a site which sells pre-loaded Debit cards, which minimise the risk as compared to a Credit or Debit card. Also, Pre-paid cards are never frozen and can be used worldwide. They sell US and EU prepaid cards, along with Paypal accounts. Additionally, they also offer Embossing services, so you can have just about any text or image you want on the card youre ordering. The order process isnt automated, and you need to send an E-mail manually to the team to order the merchandize.

fakebillkelmwaos Counterfeit FakeBills Fake Bills obviously sells Fake Bills, both for dollar as well as EUR bills.They ship via UPS, and also provide a tracking number to their customers once an order is placed. Only Bitcoin is accepted as a form of payment. The price depends on the exact bill denomination youre taking, along with the number of Bills. The lowest you can order is 2 bills worth 100USD each, for 40% of the bills worth + shipping.

dollarsfn45wiq4f Counterfeit USD4You USD4U sells Fake US dollar notes, theyre limited to USD notes only. Although theyre one of the very few marketplaces offering a 100% refund if you return the notes within 14days. The bills can be purchased for 10, 20, 50, or 100USD denominations. Again, the more notes you buy the cheaper the price is for you.

cfactoryxecooa6l Counterfeit Counterfeit Factory Counterfeit Factory is one of the most variety offering Deep web links when it comes to Counterfeit notes. They offer USD, CAD, EUR, RUB, CFH, SGD and CNY cards. It accepts only Bitcoin as the mode of payment, and ships worldwide. The general bills you can buy are 20, 50 or 100USD/EUR notes.

accountlwghunkeg PayPal Account PayPal This is a site that sells Paypal accounts. The account country, type and available balance is shown on the order page, and then you can make your pick. They also offer free proxies with the account so you can access the accounts safely without being blocked. The average amount is USD $3000 for each account, although higher amount-accounts can be procured by contacting the team.

platypusxchhwv6z PayPal Account KryptoPlatypus Site down.

smartmixnjmuoixj Bitcoin Mixing Bitcoin Mixer SmartMix too is a Bitcoin mixer which offers a great user-interface and up to 5 additional addresses. The minimum amount required to mix your Bitcoins is 0.001BTC, along with a 0.5% fee/mix + 0.0001BTC/extra address. It needs 2 confirmations before your coins are sent off to the laundry.

smrtmxdxognxhv64 Bitcoin Mixing SmartMixer.io Smartmixer.io provides maximum user-control. Users control the exact fee, time-delay for each output address as well as the percentage of funds to send to each address manually. Doesn’t need registrations. Supports mixing BTC, LTC, BTCH. ETH mixes will be supported in the near future. Has 3 anonymous coin-pools. 100+ BTC maximum limit. 0.001BTC minimum limit. Minimum 1% maximum 5% service fee. Discounts available on service fee using Smartcode. No logs. 8 additional addresses.

anonymixtnq67qer Bitcoin Tumbler Anonymix One of the most address-rich mixers, supporting 10 output addresses is what Anonymix is. Only asks for an extra 0.0001 BTC fee/extra address. The fixed transaction fee is 0.3%/transaction. Offers time-delays, fund-sharing to multiple addresses, a no logs policy, and a no registration required policy. Funds as small as 0.002 BTC and as large as 100 BTC can be mixed. Needs only 1 confirmation.

btcmixnqyq7kljrr – Bitcoin Mixing – Bitcoin Mixer – The name makes it clear, Bitcoin Mixer facilitates Bitcoin mixes. Simple interface, simply add your addresses, add custom delays and percentage distribution, and make the payment. The minimum deposit is 0.0002 BTC. Deposits generally need just 1 confirmation, unless they’re 20BTC+, in which case 6 confirmations are required in total. Has a strict No Logs policy, also allows the users to delete the logs manually any time before the 7-day retention period. Does provide a mix-ID for status-checking as no registration is required or available. 5 Total output addresses allowed. The fee is 1% of the transaction, with 0.000001 BTC/address.

bmcmix4soyfddcvqone5nj6za3ezil3rlbdcndlzr6ajlvux4p4sdzyd Bitcoin Mixing BMC Mixer Send deposits in multiple parts at different times, and receive outputs in as many as 10 addresses for a randomized 1-4% fee. That’s what BMC mixer makes possible. Also offers Bitcoin to Monero conversions. Mixing possible without registrations as well. Maximum required time-delay can be set manually. Fund distribution is automatic and randomized. Minimum deposit is set at around USD $5.00(approx. at current BTC rate) or 0.0018 BTC. Minimum withdrawal is 0.00045 BTC.

mixerqpxchohuxlf- Bitcoin Mixing Dark Web Bitcoin Mixer Another Dark Web mixer. It allows for only 1 output address. Has a randomized fee between 0.5-1% with an additional 0.0005BTC miner fee. Minimum USD 0.001BTC can be mixed. Maximum mix possible is 100BTC. Very basic and doesnt allow for time-delays or distribution control. No logs policy exists.

bitmixbizymuphkc Bitcoin Mixing BitMix Bitcoin Bitmix is a Bitcoin mixer service which lets you mix your Bitcoins. It has all the advanced features including a unique code which prevents your own coins from previous transactions being mixed with your newer ones, along with custom delays and customizable fee. It has mixed a total of 225Bitcoins till date for 1129 users. No logs are kept.

cryptomixer.io/ Bitcoin Mixing CryptoMixer CryptoMixer too is a Bitcoin mixer which primarily markets itself as High volume mixer and has a proven Bitcoin reserve of over 2000BTC. Needs 1 confirmation for most transactions although for 25+ BTC mixing 3confirmations are required. It too provides for more than 5 additional addresses, custom time-delay along with custom fee.

blenderiocpxfema Bitcoin Mixing Blender Blender.io is a Bitcoin blender/mixer as well. Needs a custom fee between 0.5-3% per mix, along with 0.0001BTC/extra address. The minimum deposit for Blender.io too is 0.001BTC, but it lets us add as many as 8 extra addresses. Needs 3 confirmations for a mix to be initiated. Doesnt keep any logs.

coinpigih6i444lm Bitcoin Wallet CoinPig CoinPig is both a Bitcoin wallet, as well as a Bitcoin mixer. The wallet is a Hybrid wallet, meaning your encryption keys are stored on your system only, and hence neither Coinpig nor any other third-party can access or spend your Bitcoins. For the Bitcoin mixer, it charges a 0.5% fixed fee/mix + 0.001BTC/additional address. It also has a saving system, meaning you receive up to 8% savings each month depending on the amount of transaction youve done on the platform.

penguinsmbshtgmf Bitcoin Mixing PenguinMixer Penguin Mixer is one of those Deep web links which didnt focus a lot on its interface or looks, and rather is more concerned about getting the job done. Its a simplistic Bitcoin mixer which has a random fee between 0.5-1%, along with time-delays as well, but the users dont get to select the exact fee, or the exact time-delay as you get the luxury of selecting with other mixers.

coinminj7oengi3s Bitcoin Mixing CoinMixer Coin Mixer is another Bitcoin mixer which claims to have mixed over 150Bitcoins till date. It doesnt need registration either, neither does it keep logs. It also provides a Letter of Guarantee which prevents the company from scamming you. It charges a randomized fee between 1-3% along with an additional 0.0011BTC/transaction.

blockchainbdgpzk Bitcoin Wallet Blockchain.info Blockchain.info is one of the worlds most popular, most widely used and most trusted Bitcoin exchanges which lets you buy Bitcoin and Ether. Although it also doubles as a Bitcoin wallet. It has over 15,000 transactions/day on an average, and offers advanced security features such as 2-FA and E-mail verification on every login.

redroomfing27toi Red Room Red Room This is one of the oldest Red Room deep web links existing today, although not many have actually joined it. It always displays a timer such as X days left for the Red Room stuff to begin, and you can click on the join button, make a Bitcoin payment depending on the role you want, such as being a spectator costs 1BTC, Commander costs 5BTC and finally Grand Master for 10BTC. You can also download the oldest event videos from the link.

facebookcorewwwi Social Media Facebook This is the official deep web link of the popular social networking site Facebook. Theres absolutely no difference between the clearnet version and the on Tor, except probably for the fact that its slightly harder for Facebook to track your IP address on the Tor version as compared to the one on the clearnet.

7qzmtqy2itl7dwuu Social Media Dispora*(Tor) Dispora too is a social network on the Tor network which comes without any attached strings like those with Facebook or Twitter. Dispora doesnt need any identity proof, it doesnt insist on you using your real-identity, it doesnt use or sell your information either and finally it has quite a bit of privacy control.

mango7ujh3rmxgoh Social Media Middle Earth

occ4c3gx3w5esnmn Social Media Ourbook

steemlohs6air4h2 Social Media AnonSteem AnonSteem is one of the unique deep web links which acts as a middle-man and lets you buy Steem accounts with complete privacy. Otherwise, when you connect to Steem using your social media accounts, your privacy is compromised, so Anonsteem lets you pay them a price upfront, and they create an account for you which cant be linked back to you or used to infiltrate your privacy. The price is 0.0025BTC/ 0.5Steem / or 0.1LTC.

psycnets7z6tvqpa Social Media PSN 1.0 One of the creepiest Deep web links youll ever seen .PSN stands for Psycho social network and lets you connect to certified Mentally Fucked up People. Basically its a social network where rapists, torture-lovers and gore admirers connect. Although Child Porn is completely banned. Registration is free.

pasternjaui2k53d Text Sharing Poster.Ninja So Paster.Ninja is one of those Deep web links which lets you paste text, simple as that. You can paste just about any text, which is completely secure, anonymous and encrypted. No registration is required, and the site cant read what you pasted. After pasting, you get a URL which you can share with people you want to read the text. It also lets you set an Expiry time after which the text is deleted off the server. Optionally, you can also enable a password which will be required if anyone wishes to read the text.

zerobinqmdqd236y PasteBin ZeroBin.net Its a Pastebin, where you can paste any and all text you want, the text is encrypted client-side, meaning on your browser and the site can never access the pasted content. It has advanced options such as Expiry time, Burn after reading, Password and Open discussion which lets people comment and discuss on the topic and so on. Its completely anonymous and no registration is required.

torc5bhzq6xorhb4 Database Dump Turkish Citizenship Database Its a database where you can get all the personal details of 49,611, 709 Turkish Citizen! The information includes but isnt limited to National Identifier, Complete name, fathers name, mothers name, date of birth, complete address, gender, city of birth etc. its a 1.5GB (Compressed) file and is completely free to download.

secrdrop5wyphb5x File Sharing SecureDrop This is one of the best Deep web links (in general) to my experience, it lets you expose corrupt politician, businessman, govt. officials, companies or anything and anyone else without having to compromise your identity. You can upload the sensitive files on the Tor network using the Secure drop link, and its then verified by leading news outlets such as Forbes, The Guardian, The Intercept etc.

rrydrab7aba7hilt Database Dump Inteligence Buyer Its a site which seems to Buy information and not sell it. it buys personal, public, financial and just about any information which is worth buying. The site is just a page, all of the actual business is conducted via Email. The site will pay you if it buys your information and youll be paid via Bitcoins.

psychk3hrpclistd Medical Psychology Tools Psychology Tools is one of those active hidden links which has a number of tools about Psychological disorders which let your test and scale your psychological problems. Most tests are in the form of multiple-choice questions, and based on your answers a report is presented to you. Its a free service.

dnadsjkrk57cd2fu Ad Network Darknet Ads Darknet Ads is an Ad network which lets you Exchange banners with other members for free. Its like a trade where you display the other users banner on your sites, and they do the same for you, that way you both drive traffic to your sites, without having to pay any money to anyone. Registration is free.

uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk Torrent ThePirate Bay Its one of the working Deep web links for The Pirate Bay, arguably the most popular Torrent site to have existed on the Internet, ever. Its clearnet versions keep getting seized by law enforcement agencies and hence the Tor version is what you need to use. The site looks, feels and is exactly the same as the clearnet version, just without the govt. interference.

smk4dw5cbxd6lttl Torrent Anonymous Pirate This is a Torrent link index, it simply saves the top 300 Torrents from ThePirateBay in almost every category. The current categories include Audio, Video, Games, Porn, others etc. Comes in handy when you dont have any exact preferences, but just need the best of something in any specific category.

rlujtxikez5kicwj Media TorTube As the name may have suggested, its the Youtube for Tor. Even though it has an interface which is almost alike Youtube, any real connections to Youtube are doubtful, it rather seems like an independent or group project created with the aim of catering to the needs of Videos to the folks who would rather not share their IP and other details with Youtube, or be bombarded with ads.

4uswvjcisj6r3te2 Games 553 Minesweeper Multiplying Bitcoins via games isn’t myth. 553 Minesweeper is one such game which multiplies your Bitcoins each time you hit greens on its 5X5 minesweeper grid. It accepts Bitcoins deposits only. Only 1 confirmation is needed to start playing. Registration is automated, auto-generated a “hash” which is used to login. Odds of winning are tipped in favour of the players.

fubmhhm7j6esuprg Game TorSnake Everyone remembers the Snake game from the 90s, the one where a straight line is supposedly a snake, and he eats balls, or dots, or whatever. Well this site takes you back to the 90s, although theres no real merit as to why its on Tor and not the clearnet, it simply exists, and holds the same addictive power till date.

d7shwhjlrs45ooux Game/Casino Ninja LR Casino LR is an online casino which lets you play a number of games including Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Slots, Baccarat etc. They also accept a number of payment forms including BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, ETC, DOGE, DASH, Webmoney, PerfectMoney, Yandex Money and a lot of others.

by5oe7gmrt3pmn7p Game/Casino Perfect Money Perfect Money Casino is an online casino which has been functional since 2003! And it advocates Perfect Money as its primary mode of payment. It also gives you the choice of cashing out all your deposit without playing a single game. Although it also accepts BTC, BTCH, ETH, DOGE, DASH, VRT etc. The games available are Roulette, Video Poker, BlackJack, Bacaratte, HD slots etc. The minimum deposit limit is USD $0.01 and the minimum cashout limit is USD $0.05.

6gua6qlq3scz7jam Game/Casino Cockpay Gold Games CockPay Gold Games is almost a clone of Perfect Money Casino, meaning it does look and feel different, but all the text on the site, the rules, regulations and F.A.Q is exactly the same. Hence they accept the same kind of currencies including BTC, BTCH, ETH, DOGE to name a few, the minimum deposit limit again is $0.01 while the minimum cashout limit is $0.05USD.

xmatchesfmhuzgfb Fixed Match Info Xmatches XMatches is a site which lets you buy information about Fixed matches. They supposedly have a insider on the matchese and hence know the outcome beforehand. Theyve got three plans, the Light Plan for 5 matches which costs $190, Medium plan for 5 matches with different odds for $450 and VIP plan for 10 matches with different odds for USD $700. Payment only via Bitcoin and Litecoin is accepted.

footballsge4ocq3 Game/betting FootBall Money Football Money too is a site which sells information of Fixed football matches. They offer free matches couple times a month to prove their legitimacy. They also let us use third-party escrows so they do seem pretty legit. They accept BTC, Monero, ETH, Ripple, DASH and NEM.

52wdeibt3ivmcapq Books Liberated Book And Papers its one of the Deep web links which liberates books and papers, in other words shares books and papers which arent easy to get or are extremely expensive. Doing so is illegal, and hence the site is on Tor. Its absolutely free and is updated from time to time, currently its Table of Contents shows a list of over 50 books.

5h5ps743nnqsjq4l Books Calibre Web Calibre Web too is a site which lets you downloads popular, rare, expensive books for free. Its user interface is almost like an E-commerce site, with photos of the books, description and everything else. Although the site seems to be in Russian, while not a major setback, you may need to click in the dark couple times before being able to download the files.

kgycm2bjsc75u4ac Books The Crazy Bastards Cookbook So its a book, a single book with the title The Crazy Bastards Cookbook, from the description of the book it seems to comprise of interesting stuff from the web including conspiracies, recipes and offensive jokes. Its more of a personal collection which gained some recognition and Youtube views.

xfmro77i3lixucja Books Imperials Library Again a books library, letting you download books which you couldnt or wouldnt rather spend money on. It arguably could be one of the largest deep web book libraries with over 139289 books in its collection. There are no restrictions or limitations and you can find just about anything from Programming to Sex books on the platform.

r6rfy5zlifbsiiym Books Comics Book Comic Books provides exactly what the title says- Comic books. Its not very graphic-rich as a platform, and rather looks like a links directory with simply the Book titles which can be downloaded in a single click. It easily has over 200 comics on the site, probably more if specifically calculated.

yuxv6qujajqvmypv Books A beginner comprehensive guide This is a guide for the people who need to install a safe, secure and anonymous system for themselves. Simply installing TAILS or TOR isnt enough, they need to be tweaked and modified in order to reach maximum security and thats what this guide covers, from the very basics to the final stage.

avaxhome5lcpcok5 Books AvaxHome Another one of the deep web links letting you download books for free. Although it does have the book picture, download size, ISBN number and number of pages pre-displayed and hence you can judge the books by their cover without having to rely simply on the name. All the books are hosted on Icerbox.com which isnt exactly free and does require a fee.

3g2upl4pq6kufc4m Search Engine DuckDuckGo Duck Duck Go is one of the most popular and widely used Anonymous Search Engines. It doesnt show ads, doesnt track, monitor or record your web activities or history and is truly anonymous. Its also the default Search Engine for TOR. Although it doesnt have a .onion links index.

hss3uro2hsxfogfq Search Engine notEvil Not EVIL is a Search Engine for the Dark web. You can use it to search for drugs, weapons and other darknet markets or other .onion links just like any other search engine. It too doesnt show ads, but has a not so great user-interface which we have to settle for considering there arent many dark web search engines to begin with.

msydqstlz2kzerdg Search Engine Ahmia Ahmia too is a search engine which lets you search Deep web sites or sites on the .onion network which traditional search engines do not display. It also has a abuse page where you can report indexed sites which shouldnt be indexed and if your reason holds true, the team removes the links. It displays the update time of the results, although no description as .onion sites do not have the same meta-description as clearnet sites.

xmh57jrzrnw6insl Search Engine Kilos Specifically a drugs search-engine. Indexes results from various marketplaces and vendors. Does offer advanced and specific search-filters. Entering the site requires filling a rate this comment captcha. Displays a featured listing which can be purchased directly if youre interested. Can be used to find products without registering on all marketplaces which may or may not have what a user seeks.

dnmugu4755642434 Search Engine Torch

76ssfjn22svo4vyl Blogs/News Wikileaks WikiLeaks is without doubt one of the most popular Deep web links on the onion network. Its a site which leaks and exposes data about corruption by the government, public officials, VIPs or companies. Although some reports which arent exactly exposes but just confidential too can be found over there. You can search for documents using the search bar provided on the site along with your keyword.

www.nytimes3xbfgragh Blogs/News The New York Times New York Times is one of the most popular Newspapers on the planet. well the link provided here is simply the link to their onion site. You get the same news, the same site and everything else exactly alike, simply on the Onion network.

qx7j2selmom4ioxf Blogs/News ParaZite ParaZite is the place to go to when youre not sure of what you need, or you dont have exact deep web links to visit. its a site which brings to you random sites in just about every category, you never know what lies on the other side of that click. Although Ive found quite a few super interesting sites using the service.

wallstyizjhkrvmj Marketplace WallStreet Market (Exit Scam) Not as product-rich as Dream Market, but still caters to most needs with around 10,000 individual products. As for currencies, accepts Bitcoin and Monero. Has PGP encryption, Multisig, Escrow and advanced features such as auto-logout. Its also probably the only marketplace which offers quality control, and has partnered up with DNMAvengers, a group which ensures buyers cant be scammed on the platform.

azworldjqhsr4pd5 Marketplace [A Z World] Markets (Exit Scam) Need products related to Fraud, Viruses, Hacking, Erotica, Security or Cards, PayPal accounts, RDP, Socks5 or other similar goods? A-Z World is a Darknet Market offering the same with a 1000+ individual listings!

Has an automated auto-shop guaranteeing working cards and Socks, as for the normal shop offers vendor-transparency (number of sales, vendor level, trust level, reviews &ratings, disputes wins-loses, feedback score etc.)making sure buyers land with trustworthy vendors and not scammers.

Accepts only Bitcoin payments, minimum deposit USD $10.00. Security features include Escrow, PIN, Profile phrase, Recovery phrase, PGP encryption, 2-FA etc. Also offers a CVV and CCN checker!

j5c6uwvqxvgw6cqk77z2j6yjikumzlleto3y6yqhg73enxewktmenbqd Darknet Market BitBazaar (Scammer) Marketplace for drugs, ebooks, electronics accessories, software, carding, counterfeit and much more, But Bitbazaar dont have lots of listing because recently launched. Hope store will grow ASAP, For Payment, user can paid via Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Litecoin, ETH and Dash.

Final Words on 161+ Deep Web Links

Note that we’ve only verified the “status” of the links, meaning we guarantee almost every single one of these links is working, but we’ve not verified the “legitimacy” of the links, and hence there’s every chance of a specific site being a scam, or running away with your Bitcoins.

That’s so because obviously we have never hired hackers, or contract killers ourselves, and never will. It’s upto you to get that part of the research d

one and establish a site’s legitimacy for yourselves.

Also note that this list is only and exclusively for educational purposes, to let you know that sites like the ones above “exist”, any and all use of the links for legal as well as illegal uses is totally and completely your responsibility.

Do share this piece with your friends on social media and other channels, anyone will be happy to thank you for 100+ working Deep Web Links all compiled, checked and described for them!

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